Guangdong Save Aluminum Equipment Co., Ltd

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Guangdong Save Aluminum Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer to supply quick cooling quenching system for aluminum extruder in China, and always to research and development the extrusion tech. for aluminum and related assemblies.

In the beginning, we already fix our target to supply a first-degree manufacturing equipment; it is responsibility to increase Chinese aluminum to the level of high, more strong, the purpose to reach the energy-saving and environment protection; the...

      • Company Name:
      • Guangdong Save Aluminum Equipment Co., Ltd
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      • Main Products:
      • Aluminum Extrusion Intensive Air-mist Mixed Cooling Systems , Quenching Equipment Cooling Table After Extrusion Press Line
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      • No.4 Muyuan Industry Park Shishan Nanhai District Foshan City Guangdong
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      • 528225
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      • Pendy Chen
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      • Foreign Trade Manege
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      • +86-757-85527690
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      • +86-757-85522691
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